Teamwork Thursday

Today was the first time that Annick, Tobi and I really sat down and talked about our game. Of course we have been talking about it for some time now, but that was mostly over Whatsapp or me talking to Tobi or Annick seperately because they hadn’t met until today. So this morning we got together and talked about some genereal ideas for the game over breakfast. We discussed the background story and brainstormed for some names for characters and places. The land our characters live in will be called Aboria for example. 

Since I am really bad at staying interested in character naming and talking about their apperance, after an hour or two I insisted that we started to get our hands dirty. While Annick worked on some sprites for the floor, the walls and some pick up items, Tobi spent the whole day working on our main character and all I can say is that he looks amazing! Convince yourself:


Of course he still needs some color and Tobi has a lot of work to do for the character to be able to move, but it’s a great start!

In the meantime I implemented keys, which can be picked up and doors, that open if you have a key. They work just like the bombs and destroyable walls. When the player wants to walk on a field with a door, the game checks if he has at least one key, if that’s the case, the door vanishes and the player can move onto the field. I also implemented a healthsystem for the player. We don’t have anything that deals damage to the player so I used the coins to test the system. In my mind they are really sharp coins and can therefore harm the player ;).

We also decided on the next steps all of us have to do. Tobi will work on the character and design more levels, Annick will design more items we have planned (for example books that can be found and tell the background story or potions that increase the health) and I will implement the logic for those items, work on the monster AI and also change the camera settings so that it will follow the main character and the player doesn’t see the whole map all the time.

This is what the game looks like after today:Preview2

P.S.: Believe it or not, I made the sprite for the outer wall and I am really proud =)

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