A different project

Apart from the Match-3 game I’m currently working on all by myself, I’m also working on a project with two of my friends. The game is inspired by the 1992 game Magic Maze and the idea is that the player – working name is “Horst” falls into a hole and wants to get out. To achieve that he has to go through different rooms with maze-like puzzles. Some of the rooms will have Zelda inspired bosses and sometimes the player can choose weather to go deeper into the maze of rooms for a chance to find treasures or to get to the exit as fast as possible.

The puzzles will consist of different components. There will – obviously – be a starting point and an exit to each room. Seperating the player from the exit are walls, some of them movable, some destroyable with pick up items like bombs, some will move on their own. There will also be monsters and maybe doors + keys, etc.

Currently the others are working on the graphics (were thinking 2D, probably pixel art) while I’m programming a level editor. It’s supposed to contain all elements that could be in a level so that Tobi, who will be responsible for level design, can play around with it and get an idea of what could work and what should be done differently. Of course the level editor is also the foundation of all future levels. Levels will be built in a .txt file and turned into a level grid in Unity.

While the item pick up has worked for some time, I just now finished implementing the movable wall. There are still some minor issues but it’s good enough for testing level design. Next up are destroyable walls and the wall movement. Once those work Tobi will be able to test the first levels while I implement some monsters.

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