I’m still here

I know I’ve been awefully quiet the past month but I’m still here and still hard at work. However, I did not have that much time for gamedevelopment in the last weeks. The second half of December was crazy busy with Christmas, the charitable organisation I’m involved in, university and everything else. January wasn’t that much better and now February is crazy as well. While I didn’t work too much on my games, I’ve still been coding a lot. Here is a short overview of whats happening in my life right now:

Last university project

My time at university is coming to an end this year. Actually tomorrow I’m taking my last class ever and I still don’t know how to feel about that. There is one last IT project to finish by March 15th that I’m currently working on with Unity and Google Cardboard. We are a team of five and I’m responsible for the VR part of our app. The app is supposed to be a cultural heritage thing for a famous graveyard here in Cologne. Once we are finished with the project I will devote a blog post to the making of it.

Master thesis

Apart from this project and an oral examination I have to pass on February 23rd, I’m also preparing for my master thesis at the moment. After I saw a presentation of the RealSense technology by Intel in December I was fascinated with it but back then my laptop couldn’t handle the requirements. But as I’m writing this I’m awaiting a package that contains the hardware for my brandnew desktop computer that I finally decided I needed. I’ve already talked to my professor about my idea for the master thesis and got his approval. Once everything gets a little more concrete there will be regular blog posts about it.

Mobile app for my brother

Another thing filling up my schedule is a project I’m working on for my brother. He’s been waiting for me to start working on it for a long time so for the new year I decided to finally get on with it. It’s a quite simple app and I’m using AngularJS and Ionic to work on it. So far I’m quite content with how everything is going but there is still a lot to do.

Other things

While doing all the above I’m also in the process of finding an internship at a games company that I’m hoping to start in March or April. And I did find the time to go to Hamburg and take part in the Global Game Jam at Innogames. It was a great experience and I’ll be blogging about it very soon.

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